Procrastination can be a nasty thing. I’ve been thinking about breaking away and doing a blog on my own again for a while – but here we are, I’ve finally gotten around to it.

Setting it up, I’ve actually realised that some of it was procrastination but in truth, most of it was fear. Not fear that I don’t have anything to say because I do. More a fear of hurting peoples feelings and to be perfectly truthful with you all – my OCD had a lot to do with it as well. But there’s only one way to fight OCD and that’s to tackle it straight on – do what your afraid of doing or not doing. Maybe soon I’ll tell you more about having OCD, but for now I have to get all my ideas on to virtual paper.

For those friends who already have blogs, I’ll get you linked ASAP.

6 thoughts on “Procrastination

    1. Thanks hun! I have a bit more time now – however bf obviously isn’t into blogging so back to blogging on my own. I’m excited to be back!

  1. I almost didn’t see the new blog when you tweeted the link (you added an “e” to the end of my Twitter name, lol). Glad to see you’re determined to blog no matter what! 🙂 I’ll blog roll this to my other blogs…

  2. And I am procrastinating by reading your blog. While I should be doing homework.
    But it’s boring to do, and I hate doing it, because I get panicky if I don’t understand everything straight away. So I rather not do it (but I willll, in the end, don’t worry!)

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