Starting Your Own Business – Not As Difficult As You Think

I’ve been unemployed for a long time. I’ve had a part-time job, I’ve done tons of voluntary work and all that jazz. In that time I rarely thought about starting my own business and when I did my conclusion was no way. I don’t have the discipline, the hours are too long and all the legal and tax business as well. I’d definitely screw it up, it’s all too much.

Job Search

Yet here I am, with my own business and it’s actually not that bad. I’m actually really enjoying it. Furthermore, it’s not any of the things I feared.

  1. Because I work for myself – I can do what I want, I make the decisions about what I make and I do what I like/love doing. This means I’m much more motivated so do the work, much more disciplined.
  2. The hours really aren’t that long, because I can choose when I work and for how long. Of course there are certain things that have deadlines but if I don’t feel well Monday, I just work a different day instead. Sure I do have long days sometimes, but in return it does offer a certain flexibility.
  3. As for the legal stuff – you just need to get out there and get the information. Register with the the tax office – simple form once you find it. Tax return – not a problem, especially when your not earning enough to have to do an itemised tax return or to need to pay any tax. Last but not least – insurance. Which isn’t that badly priced, considering it covers your butt.

There’s a few other things that one needs – terms of service for example.

Another thing is having the money to start up – but depending on what kind of business do you want to start, it doesn’t cost a lot. I just get a few supplies each time I get paid. If I remember rightly, the first bits I brought cost me £10 (ish) – but to be honest, I then hadn’t found the best places to buy my supplies – now I get a lot more for £10 than I did a few months back.

What has helped me most are other small business owners, particularly the members of It really does help to have good people around you.

Speaking of good people – support from friends and family has been great too.

I’m still looking for a full-time job – since my business is relatively new but if you’re in a similar position to me and starting your own business scares you – take it from me, it’s really not that bad.

So, if you were to start your own business – what would it be?

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