Taking Risks

I was just sat here browsing around the web at science things and remembered about the tests that the bbc.co.uk, so I hopped on over to have a browse and found The Big Risk Test. I thought this would be interesting to see how many risks I’m really willing to take, so I logged in (you don’t have to live in the UK and sign up is free) and took the test.

Source: weheartit.com

My result?

  • The biggest risks I take in life are social.
  • My risk knowledge score was 77%. (How much I know about different risks)
  • My Your numbers quiz score is 73% (This is how much I understand important information given to me and weigh up the risks).

So what are the other risk categories. Straight from the pages given to you afterwards:

  • Ethical: For example, would you cheat in an exam, or disclose a friend’s secret?
  • Financial: Would you invest your money in shares, or put a bet on horseracing?
  • Health and Safety: Would you drive without a seatbelt, or take up smoking?
  • Social: Would you attempt a stand-up comedy routine, or confront a stranger in a crowd?
  • Recreation: Would you do a bungee jump, or climb a cliff with no ropes?
Why did I get social? Simple. If I have an opinion – I’ll say it; whether your my best friend or the freaking pope. I personally think that is very important. I’m not always right of course. However, if I don’t voice my opinion – no-one can correct me. Furthermore, if I don’t voice my opinion and I’m right, others may never been enlightened.
It’s more so important when it comes to major issues – which are often controversial. The more controversial, the less people speak up and that means – in some cases – bad situations are allowed to live on such as child abuse, slavery, abortion and all kinds of things. It’s important to have a voice. It’s important that you use that voice.
So, go take the test tell me what you got! Also, what’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

2 thoughts on “Taking Risks

  1. The biggest risks I take or would be willing to take are social as well. But what worried me about this… apparently I’m also willing to take ethical risks according to the test. All of the risks– social, ethical, financial, health & safety & recreational– I scored low in, but social & ethical I scored the highest in. Part of me is thinking my current circumstances (being jobless & broke) has affected my ethics (more willing to do something wrong to get what I want out of something). Not too happy about that, but at least I’m finding it out NOW rather than later, so I can correct that issue…

    I actually can’t say what the biggest risk is I’ve ever taken… you’ll have to EMAIL me about that (I won’t even say on Twitter direct messaging)!

    1. I can understand that hun – but I wouldn’t be too worried, you have a good head on your shoulders and you wouldn’t do anything too bad. x

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