Author Sexism


I admit it, I’m a little sexist when it comes to authors. I don’t know why, I just seem to enjoy male authors work more and this has even extended to me being slightly put off buying books by female authors. Of course I’m not always impressed with male author’s books either. I enjoy books, but I actually only have two favourite authors (both male).

So, I was delighted to find The Naipaul test: Can you tell an author’s sex? on Am I really author sexist? I thought I’d better find out. See if I can really tell the different in their writing, or I am just sticking with what I’m familiar with after growing up on authors like Roald Dahl?

As it turns out, I got 8 out of a possible 10 on this little quiz and I still prefer male writers. To me, the vast majority of can be distinguished by the writing styles.

I guess I am author sexist after all. Are you?

8 thoughts on “Author Sexism

  1. You need to read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. It changed my view of female writers totally. An awesome book which you would not identify as being written by a woman at all.

    1. I shall make of note of it Anna and put it on my list of to reads (which I eventually get around to buying when I have some spare cash) – hope you’re right. I could really do with finding a good female writer!

  2. To me it’s really just about the book. I tend to dislike chicklit and any kind of ‘typical’ female books to begin with, but it’s not like when a book is written by a woman I won’t read it. In fact, my fave book is by a woman! So there you go!

    1. I dislike chicklit and romance too – but it stretches a bit further than that for me. It’s not that I won’t read a book written by a woman but I do find in general that their writing styles are different from men, and I much prefer men.

      Wait does this mean I don’t like my own writing? LOL.

  3. Also – Pearl S Buck ‘The Good Earth’

    Actually – I found (looking over my book shelves and record book) that at least 80% of my favourite books are by men as well.

    I don’t ‘like’ chick lit (well – I occasionally indulge in it but it’s like eating a family bag of skittles in one go – sickly and not something you’re proud of but gratifying at the time!) but I also don’t like the male equivalents – poor quality mystery / crime / spy type novels.

    Chick Lit is like Rom Com films – the vast majority are awful and forgettable but occasionally fabulous!

    My issue with ‘what I read’ is that I rarely enjoy a book which was not written during in my lifetime. I care not when the book is set (or where) but if it was written before I was born I am likely (judging from past experience!) not to like it very much. The one very major exception to this is the complete works of John Wyndham. I can’t put my finger on why but often I find myself not enjoying something very much, checking, and finding it was written a decade before I was born!

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