Dead or Alive

It’s one of those  “about me” tag questions that you get asked quite a lot. Which person dead or alive would you most like to meet? Or you get just Which person who is now dead would you most like to meet?

I’ve always got an answer to the people who are still alive who I would most like to meet – some friend who lives far away or some famous person I follow, but dead? Dead I’ve always struggled with. See any dead famous people, I don’t know enough about to want to meet them specifically. All my friends are (thankfully!) still alive and any relatives that have died I haven’t known too well either.

However this changed a few days ago whilst chatting to my mum at the dining table one day when I was working away on some projects. We were talking about different things that have happened in the family and we got talking about my mum’s childhood. All the things she got up to and when she starting dating my dad. Her parents and brothers.

Her parents are no longer with us, neither his one of her brothers Albert. Albert, however was alive in my lifetime – though I never saw him, he never bothered to come and see me as a baby and even ignored me when my mum bummed into him in the supermarket with me a few weeks after I was born. Thus, I don’t know him – all I know is that he was never very nice to my mum and not a very friendly sort of fellow, so I’m afraid he’s out of the question. That leaves my grandparents on my mothers side.

May and Albert
Grandmother May and Grandfather Albert

You might think this is a difficult choice, Grandma or Grandad but for me it was quite easy. Both died before I was born, they both had cancer but it was actually food poisoning that took my grandma’s life so alas I never met either of them.

However I have chatted with my mum about them often and from that learnt about them, what they were like and all that. I discovered that my mum is a lot like her mum – she’ll do things for us kids and say “don’t tell your dad” on little things like allowing us chewing gum or doing our chores for us so we can go out. And she’s very pro-choice with her kids, as long as we’re not harming ourselves or anyone else – she’s happy for us to do whatever we want, follow whatever career, interests, etc. So although I do wish I’d known my grandma, I guess in some ways I know her better because from what I’ve learnt she’s a lot like my mum.

My granddad however – there’s no-one like him around. My mum describes him as strict, but in a loving way. My mum had a curfew and would have a shouting at if she was 1 minute late, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly really. Not only is there no-one in my life that takes after him, but from what my mum tells me – even though I’ve never met him, we have a lot in common. One of the strongest things is our love for cartoons – when he was alive he loved Tom and Jerry, all those Loony Toons like Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. He’s sit and watch them all day. Just like I do sometimes today.

And I would really love, to have a day where me and my granddad Albert watched cartoons all day and talked. Just no bananas because he thought they were funny foreign fruit and my pet Hamster would have to stay in her cage cus he’s scared of them.

So what’s your answer? Who would you like to meet who has passed on? Who would you like to meet who is still alive?

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