Careers Test

Last week I was supposed to be doing some form of career test, to tell me which career I should be going into. Unfortunately I was to ill to attend so I have had to reschedule.


However this got me thinking about career tests and overall, I really don’t like the idea. Maybe if I was still in high school not knowing what I wanted to do and not having made many decisions for myself career wise yet, it would be helpful and perhaps interesting but now? I’m 25, I’ve done a bunch of voluntary jobs, I know what I enjoy doing and more than that – would I seriously consider doing a job just because a careers test said I should be in it? No.

But I thought I’d see how I do on‘s careers test. And my top two results are Artistic (Typical roles for Artistic types include artist, singer, designer, photographer, musician, writer and actor.) and Social (Typical roles for social types include teacher, counsellor, nurse, minister of religion, clinical psychologist or police officer.)

Which is actually a lot like me, maybe this careers test won’t be so bad after all.

Did you take the careers test? What did you get? Is it like you or not?

And what’s your ideal career?

5 thoughts on “Careers Test

    1. Yeah that’s right – cus after all, it’s not like you’d be bad at conventional jobs you’re just less likely to want a career in them given your interests. 🙂

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