Parents As Human Beings

Families are complicated and no matter how normal a family seems to you, they all have secrets, arguments and whatever else. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very loving families but they’re never all fluffy bunnies and daisy chains either.


Family – you’re stuck with them. Can’t change them – not matter how much they annoy you. However I do find that that when it comes to parents – people (eventually – after being a teenager) love their parents and become very close to their parents.

Which normally leads to them asking me the question “How come your not close to your parents?“.

Well – I’m close to my mum, but I don’t tell her everything. When I’m away for a few days we’ll chat for a good few hours when I get home about different things. My dad however is a totally different story and I often get scorned for saying this as well – but my dad wasn’t around a whole lot. My parents are still together, we all live in the same house but my dad worked 8am-5:30pm and after work spend 2-3 hours in the pub drinking. Amongst other things, this meant I mostly saw him for one hour in the morning during the week and weekends weren’t too much better. We just didn’t bond at all. My siblings particularly scorn me for this but would can I do? I was young and he wasn’t there to bond with.

The other thing a lot of people fail to realise is as you grow up your parents are not only your parents, they are people and you get to know them as such. They can be good parents but not to nice people. And I do know people in the same boat as me on this one.

When I was little, when my dad was around to do things with – we’d go to the park and he’d push me on the swings, I’d play with his electronics kit whilst he talked on his CB and that’s how I knew him – but now, I also know he’s stubborn, argumentative and has some horrible views on things. That doesn’t mean he’s all bad – but we’re not even on the same book, nevermind the same page.

I butt heads with my mum every now and again, nothing nearly as bad though.

“They’re your parents you should love them – no matter what!” – God that irks me. I don’t disagree that one should love their parents, that is how it should be – but the fact is that it isn’t like that. No matter what? Really? Even if they abuse their child? Even if your mum’s a murder and you dad a drug dealer? Come on now, think this through and look at the bigger picture.

So are you close to your parents? – What are they like as people?

4 thoughts on “Parents As Human Beings

  1. Can totally relate to this. Although people look at you like you’re a monster when you say you don’t speak to your own mum anymore. I usually get “I can’t imagine not being close to my mum”. But if you never have that bond, what is there to miss? Sad state of affairs, but not all people are good parents!

  2. My parents are cool and I would list my mom as one of my best friends. It’s just that I’m on a completely different page than they are so they never get me. My dad just doesn’t care, but my mom does so she’s the one I but heads with most even though I’m not living at home anymore. My dad was never around much when I was younger as well. He’d work long hours (5 AM to 5 PM) and would go to bed on time. So just like you I’ve never had a chance to really bond with my dad. We do have one thing in common though: our love for music.

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