Why Do Athiests Talk About God So Much?

After my blog “Hi, I’m An Atheist” got posted to my facebook account, I had an interesting conversation with one of my friends – which included being asked the question Why do atheists talk about God so much if they don’t believe in him?

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There are basically two types of atheists – ones who are atheists and aren’t looking into religion at all, and those that are looking into religion.

I am one of the latter, as I also accept that I do not know everything and I cannot disprove the existence of God. I have many problems and issues with religion/God. I also disagree with and am appalled by a lot of religious writings, acts and things that are said.

However, it is said that God (the Christian God that is) is completely good, unconditionally loving and all just. If this is true and God does exist – that’s a pretty good thing to be missing out on.

So I search, trying to find proof and trying to figure out how these bad things are actually good – it’s true that I haven’t found any of these yet but doing this means that I talk about God to believers and non-believers.

Religion and non-religion is a big thing is life – it shapes a lot of how you think about yourself, how you make decisions and how you view the world. Whether or not I believe in God – it is important to me to know the truth.

How much do you talk about religion?

3 thoughts on “Why Do Athiests Talk About God So Much?

  1. Stumbled on your blog!

    I’m an atheist who talks about religion, but not because I think there’s a probability that any gods exist. Rather, a lot of atheists that I talk to (on WordPress and Twitter) seem to talk about religion for the same reason I do–it’s an inescapable social construct, for the moment.

    I keep hoping my Facebook people won’t notice all my atheism posts 😉

    1. They’re bound to notice and you bound to upset people – especially if you’re as outspoken as I am.

      I wouldn’t say it’s inescapable – it really depends on the people you surround yourself with. Being an atheist, you find common ground with other atheists in that, thus you talk about being an atheist which is being without religion.

      1. I’m sure everyone has noticed by now–I’ve been atheist blogging for a couple of years. My religious family and friends have chosen not to say anything…. although one uncle COMPLETELY misread one post and still thinks I am Christian. Which is awkward. I prefer Twitter for chatting about atheism, many more like minds there for me ^_^

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