5 Ways That Men Have It Easier Than Women

Men and Women
Source: weheartit.com
  1. No Periods – obvious but true.
  2. No Childbirth – another obvious one, but hey there’s no getting away from genetics!
  3. Clothes – yes I’m quite serious, women have sooo many options. Men? T-shirt or Shirt, Jeans or Trousers, Shoes or Trainers.
  4. Urinals – no stooping for the male of the species to avoid any nasties lurking on the loo seat!
  5. Hair – less options, less products, less bad hair days and considerably less hassle.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways That Men Have It Easier Than Women

  1. Haha! I would actually say …. on number 2 and 5 … I disagree. They never get to experience the miracle that is being pregnant and childbirth. Yeah, they avoid the pain, but gosh, I feel lucky that someday (hopefully, fingers crossed), I’ll be able to bring life into this world. And regarding the hair…. you are right, they have it much easier, BUT, they make up for it with hair loss. Guys are so much more likely to go bald – can you imagine?!

    1. This is true, perhaps I should re-phrase that to “the pain of”.

      And as for baldness… true. I’d rather have to spend a little time each day then go bald!

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