1st Of The Month Blues

1st of July. 6 months of the year left and 6 months of it gone. Mid year and I have very mixed feelings on it. I have achieved 2 of my goals so far this year – seeing Angels and Airwaves live and raised some money for Animal Lifeline. I  have my own business which is doing well. And my health – apart from a 2 month virus, is overall better.

Alas, I’ve also been through a break up, found out some ugly truths about friends and had a friend diagnosed with cervical cancer.

All this leaves me feeling very unmotivated and wondering what to do with the rest of my year. I’m bored, I’m restless and I’m frustrated. I suppose mostly with myself and also with the lack of things to do.

Things to do. I do make myself laugh, there’s a million things to do! In all honesty however none of the ideas I’ve thought of motivate or inspire me right now.

Source: WeHeartIt.com

I’m in a hole. It’s like having writers block, but it’s life block. I don’t like it. But like writers block you can only but ride it out, relax until the ideas flow or burn yourself out trying to cure said block.

If only I could settle on some an idea or two that are currently rattling around in my head space at warp speed.

Life is sometimes difficult, this is one of those times.

Suggestions and Ideas in comments please.

3 thoughts on “1st Of The Month Blues

  1. *Hugs*… yeah, on Formspring they gave everyone a question about what the best thing is that happened to us this year, mentioning that the year was halfway over. Kinda depresses me to be honest… 😦

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