Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D

I love Transformers, many of you will know that already. So when Dark of the Moon was realised this week, I couldn’t wait to go and see it. As Wednesday rolled around, I was in line for tickets of the first showing of the day and forked out for premier seats as well. Sat myself in one comfy cinema seat, food at the ready and 3D glasses on.

I confess I was slightly anxious, I do love Transformers but Revenge of the Fallen did lack a little something for me, which I could never put my finger on.

However Dark of the Moon didn’t let me down at all.

The story line is fantastic – it stretches back into history shining new light on some big events, returning to present day for the full impact of said events to unfold. The Autobots have been enlisted to serve the government along side missions of their own to keep man safe. Man and Autobots are now great allies. Unfortunately the Decepticons have also found new allies who they rule with fear and agreements.

You’ll find Sam – no longer a boy, no longer a hero and struggling to find a job. Sure he has a hot girlfriend but all Sam wants to do is matter again. A string of office job interviews could never be in the realm of normal for Sam now could it?

As Sam and the Autobots find their way together after many twists in the story line – you’ll see that famous and undeniable bond between man and intelligent robotic life form come to life again.

There’s some very tragic moments in the film – I confess, I actually cried but also some awesome ones too. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions for this th3rd in the trilogy but it never falls short on the action. Either.

I’ve never been bowled over by 3D, I would have prefer to see this in IMAX 3D (which is MUCH better) but alas I settled for normal cinema 3D for now. Having seen 3D movies before – I’ve not seen one that really benefited from being shot and viewed in 3D (hey the small 3D advert before the films are usually the most 3D thing you see right?). However I must confess that Dark of the Moon did really benefit from being shot in 3D, those action/fight scenes are really quite stunning in 3D. (Conclusion: Real Life Action and CGI works much better in 3D than animation).

There is a lot of information to take in during the 2 and a half hour film, and you may have to watch it twice to “get” it all but it certainly won’t ruin the movie for you.

Better than Revenge of the Fallen, on par with the first of the trilogy. Definitely go see it.


Have you seen Dark of the Moon? What did you think?
If not, what was the last movie you saw? Would you recommend it?

10 thoughts on “Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D

  1. I don’t like 3D anymore either, it’s fun the first 2/3 times, but after that, it’s annoying. Unfortunately they don’t show it 2d here, so I will go see it in 3D.. 2morrow 🙂

  2. Neil’s a massive transformers fan too, he loved them as a kid in the 80’s however he was bitterly disappointed with this especially as it’s the last installment.
    And I have to agree with him. There’s a fundamental problem with the story – if the plan was to bring back sentinel prime and cybertron all along, why did they try to destroy earth in the second one?
    There was too many sub plots that took up too much time and were never fully expanded.
    Whilst I didn’t like Megan Fox, Carly’s character wasn’t quite so annoying although why Bay felt the need to have 2 shots of her just staring into space is beyond me.
    The ending was pants, Optimus goes missing for a bit, comes back, kicks ass and end of? Rubbish!
    I also don’t agree with alot of people’s views about the second one, I loved it. Both the first and the second ones sucked me into the story and I wanted to watch them again and again. With this one, I ended up clock watching.
    To be fair to Bay though the fight scenes are epic, I just think he just tried to do too much and be too clever so it didn’t deliver for me or Neil who can have massive rants about how rubbish he found it very easily lol

    1. I really don’t think Megatron would want to work with any autobot unless it was necessary, thus more important avenues to explore first.
      Eh, carly was there for hostage bait and linkage. Did wonder about those staring shots though, but hey ho.

      As for the end… um… what did you really expect? The tables had already turned several times!

      I still loved the second one, don’t get me wrong on that but it didn’t hurt the spot like the first one did.

      I personally liked how the storyline was more complex this time and I don’t remember anything not being explained tho there was a lot to take in, so I may have missed a few loose ends!

    1. Wow really? That sucks. To be fair 3D is getting really expensive, your looking at a little under £10 here for a ticket and most people take a friend so that’s more than a DVD before you even buy any food or anything.

      If it wasn’t transformers, I wouldn’t have paid to see it in 3D and would wait for the DVD like you – there are very few movies I’ll pay 3D money to see.

  3. I wouldn’t mind watching movies in 3D, if it weren’t for the fact that it gives me headaches and makes me feel nauseous like I’ve been on a roller coaster for too long. Plus 3D makes the subtitles pop out of the screen, which is bloody annoying, cuz I don’t read subtitles when watching movies, but this makes them very hard to ignore.

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