Rant: Planning a visit to Stone Henge

A conversation arose at some point in the evening last night about a Canadian friend of mine coming to visit me in the UK, as is customary when one has a friend visiting from another country, I asked if there was anything he particularly wanted to see during visit. His answer? Stone Henge.

Stone Henge
Source: weheartit.com

Thus, I started to look at it’s exact location and the possible ways to get there (nearest train station, etc). This search first brought me to the official website of Stone Henge – where not only did I find out it’s location but the times it opens and the entry fee as well.
Seriously? I know it’s protected but opening times and entry fees? Come on! It’s in a field! And although yes it’s protected it hardly requires any maintenance, it’s been stood there for hundreds of years for crying out loud!

On a more serious note, it is somewhere I want to visit but I’m saddened that it’s not an attraction in it’s own right and people seek to make money off it. It’s one of those things that should be protected, but people are able to stumble upon in their travels around the countryside. Enjoy in all it’s glory not waiting in line at some ticket booth.

Is nothing magical anymore? Nothing left to discover without another human being offering you a ticket to it as if it were some sort of theme park?

When you get off your ass and build a momentum like this, using only the tools available to the people who build this, then and only then you will have the right to sell the discovery, the magic and build a ticket booth.

4 thoughts on “Rant: Planning a visit to Stone Henge

  1. I hear what you are saying, but I bet it costs money to guard this tourist attraction, keep it clean, etc. etc. Also, I’ve heard that these kind of relics take a lot of money to keep in the best shape so they don’t disintegrate. Not sure if that’s the case, but just a few reasons why they might be charging to get in. As far as certain times, it’s probably smart, just to keep this tourist attraction safe from vandalism. Can you imagine if it was open 24-7 to whoever wanted to visit? That’s like asking for graffiti or something like that to happen. Just a thought. But I hope you go and have a blast 🙂

  2. I went to Stone Henge on one of my trips to England with my parents. Since it’s so famous there are so many people there, that they have to. If they wouldn’t the place would have fallen apart years ago with the amount of people showing up on a daily basis.

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