Saturday Morning Cartoons: Week 1

Some of you may already know I love cartoons, so I thought I’d follow the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons (at least in the UK anyway – if not, it’s self explanatory) that was around when I was a kid (wow that seems a while ago now).

Every Saturday I’ll be posting a cartoon mostly old ones but possibly some new ones for you to watch, enjoy, remember with me. There might be a few non-cartoon/non animated things that slip in now and again too – just keep watching!

Today, I’ve picked out an episode of Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers for you. I’ve recently brought the first collection of DVD’s for myself and I’m loving them.
When I was younger, this show was actually shown as part of Disney Club on a Sunday morning and I loved it. Sunday morning, you’d find me in front of the TV watching cartoons with my breakfast in my PJs.
Lets not forget how catchy the theme tune is!

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Want to request a show for next week? Leave a comment, maybe I’ll post it!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons: Week 1

  1. Couldn’t do Saturday morning cartoons at my house because of our Sabbath. I did do Sunday morning cartoons for a few years, except they didn’t involve anything Disney-like. However, my weekday afternoon cartoons were nothing BUT Disney, including DuckTales, Talespin, and of course Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers. 🙂

    I have a feeling if/when I get my own place, I’m gonna end up renting or buying DVD series sets of those so that I can watch them whenever I feel nostalgic & have a hankering for my old, fave cartoons.

  2. Aw Rescue Rangers. Nostalgia to the max! I can’t remember on what day I watched this, but I do remember watching it and knowing the theme song by heart. In Dutch of course. I didn’t know any English back then.

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