30 Day Song Challenge: Day 14 – A Song That No-one Would Expect You To Love

This was a difficult one for me because I have a very broad taste in music and a lot of people know at least roughly what my taste it like, so it did actually take a few days for me to come up with this one and it only came to mind when it came on whilst playing through my playlist on random/shuffle.

And to be honest, it’s the only song I have from this guy – it’s one of those where I planned on getting the album but never actually did. I was introduce to him by working on Cross Rhythms with Mike Rimmer, thus one day I ended up downloading a few of his free tracks (dunno where the others have ended up at this moment in time), but this one… this one I really can relate to. It’s called Walking With Angels by Finchley (or Ian Finch as is his real name). Oh and people wouldn’t expect it because well, it’s a religious song and I don’t like many of those.

Want to know a bit more? He has a wordpress blog.

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