30 Day Song Challenge: Day 15 – A Song That Describes You

Wow. This is hard. Really hard. I’m a complicated person. I’m not always in the same mood, I’m not always doing one thing. I’m big collection of feelings, emotions, interests, thoughts, lessons and fan-girl moments. To fit that into one song – to find that song is a difficult task and I really had to dig deep, pause and think where I’m at in life.

It’s no big secret at all that my life is less that perfect, much less than perfect. Most of my life has been a very rocky road and not the yummy chocolate kind either. However over the past few years – and yes it’s years, I’ve come along way. Battled anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression. Of course I had some great support around me from some of my friends – but the battle was ultimately mine.

The song I’ve picked describes life getting better, moving on and feeling rather fabulous about it all. The lyrics fit me or rather my life the past few years perfectly. And I love listening to it for that reason, it helps me to look at how far I’ve come and feel good about where I’m at. So here’s Bon Jovi – Lost Highway.

What song describes you?

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