Stop Moving My Stuff!

My mum is driving me insane. It’s true. I love her but today, she’s driving me nuts.

You see I’m about to decorate my room (with some help from her), which means moving almost everything out in order to do so. However she does not understand. I have suffered from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) for a fair chunk of my life. Luckily, I with the power of logic and a lot of hard work have managed to overcome most of the life altering (read: life ruining) things. Which for me is one of my biggest achievements, even if it was really hard emotional work.

Let It Go

I promise, one day I’ll sit and write a blog to explain more about OCD, as I know it’s very hard for people who have never had it to understand but I have to vent this now. Before I blow my top and cry.

I could never work out (and neither could by parents) why I hated my room being tidied, why I hated that my mum would move stuff around. It wasn’t until I realised what my OCD was doing to other areas of my life that I looked back at huge tantrums I would throw as a child when my stuff was moved – which, wasn’t very like me at all. I never threw tantrums about anything else. I just found it so upsetting.
I realised, I hated it because I thought everything had to be in it’s place, even if that looked untidy – because if it wasn’t bad things would happen to me. And my unsuspecting mum was making bad stuff happen by moving my stuff. Of course she didn’t understand – heck, I didn’t understand.

Alas, I have another battle on my hands – for whilst I don’t really believe anything bad will happen if I move stuff – or my mum moves my stuff. This is a lot of stuff to be moving – the most stuff that’s been moved in years in one go. And it’s really stressing me out.

Please, for crying out loud don’t anyone ever treat me to a room or house makeover cus you won’t like my reaction!

So, now I’ve written this out – I know it sounds stupid, don’t mock me. I know it’s funny. I even laugh at myself at times – it’s totally illogical.

Into battle I go…

3 thoughts on “Stop Moving My Stuff!

  1. Really sorry to hear this is stressing you out so bad. I don’t have OCD, and yet I kinda do understand not wanting your stuff to be moved. Although my reasoning is that if someone moves my stuff, I can’t easily find where it is again when I need it, and I hate THAT.

    Oddly enough, I had this happen just yesterday. At the graduation party for my sister, there was a guy there who I think was autistic. I didn’t figure it out immediately, I just noticed he wasn’t really communicating/socializing with everyone else. But he was taking pictures of everyone with his small camera. Then, once the party was winding down and people were leaving, he started cleaning stuff up. But he cleaned, like, everything up, and this is when he started moving stuff in the refrigerator.

    I have food allergies & so I buy special stuff for myself, and my mom was kind enough to designate a spot in the refrigerator for me so I could find my stuff easily, and so everyone in my family would know it’s MY stuff and they can’t eat it. Well, this guy was moving everything around, and that was REALLY agitating me, because I didn’t want my stuff ALL over the fridge. I nicely started to let him know not to move stuff on my shelves, and my mom immediately stopped me and said “Let him do whatever he wants”, and that’s when I figured it out. But yet, my mom still told him not to move this one set of bowls on the table & not to take the trash out, so I don’t see what would have been wrong with telling & showing him where MY stuff was in the fridge, as it was all in one spot. He would have remembered, because he remembered not to move the bowls or take the trash out. More annoyed with my mother for not letting me tell him not to move stuff than I am with him moving it.

    Oh- did I mention my MOTHER has OCD? So she’s the same way, and I’m sure she’ll be somewhat annoyed (even if she doesn’t show it) with where this guy put stuff, but that’s too bad for her, because MY stuff got moved too…

    Geez, seems like I was as annoyed as you are Ali! Sorry for the long comment, but… yeah, I hate when people move my stuff, too. Just different reasoning behind it…

    1. I get really stressed about it… though much less now I understand why.
      I have those normal times I hate people moving my stuff to, cus I don’t know where it is then (my mum does that too!), but hey that’s a lot LESS stress to me.
      As far as the bad things happening, at least I know (well I always knew, I just was convinced otherwise – it’s complicated!) that’s not gonna happen because stuff has been moved now, so I just have to stop stressing about it so much now!

  2. I feel fairly similar. My mother, even though I explain the importance of things being had on hand, fails to understand. ‘It is an XBOX controller. it STAYS near the Xbox.’ And things like that. Many times, I’ve gone home, And this happens. It’s like having a Spanish robot that is supposed to keep track of your possessions, but you don’t known fluent Spanish.

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