Tag: Are You A Beauty Addict?

This morning, I was tagged by Maaike to do this. Since I don’t have a post scheduled today, I thought I’d do this one today. Thank goodness she translated it for her blog!

Make Up
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Which make up/ beauty product did you buy last and which product did you have to save up for?

The last item I brought was probably perfume – Secret Fantasy from Avon. Funnily enough it’s usually perfumes I save up for, as they can be expensive but they tent to last me a while.

If you were a beauty product, which would it be and why?

I’m gonna go with lipbalm of the tinted variety, as it can make a big difference but it’s also a treatment, it helps.

How many friends do you have with whom you can talk for hours about the perfect blush or fantastic eye shadow.

It’s not too often I talk about make up with friends really – I talk more about it when I’m shopping with my friend Gemma, trying to decide what we want to buy.

When was the last time you threw out make up?

A few weeks ago. I don’t throw out too much make up but the tinted moisturiser that I had only had a small amount left and had started to get that stale make up smell, so I threw it out and started a new one. I also threw out a mascara that was all gone.

How did your make up obsession get started?

It probably started properly when I stumbled across Lauren Luke on youtube, in fact I’d say she really did start it all properly for me. I don’t watch many make up tutorialists (yes I made a word up) on youtube, just a handful. I find a lot of them to be – well I don’t want to say stuck up but definitely not down to earth – which is exactly what Lauren is; down to earth, friendly and all that kind of stuff you would want in a friend really.
I started watching her videos well over a year ago – maybe two years, I don’t really remember but that definitely inspired me to be more confident, try new things and taught me a few tricks as well.

If someone who’s not into make up asks you how many nail polishes and eyeshadows you have, do you give an honest answer?

Yes, totally honest. I don’t really have too many by a person who loves make up standard anyway. I don’t see what the big deal is if I did.

How many times do you go to the drug store without needing anything?

It varies but yes I do go, just to have a look around really. See what they have, what I might like to try. I don’t often buy things either but I do like to have a look.

How much time do you spend on reading about beauty?

Reading? Not a lot, I’d rather watch things on youtube to be honest. However there’s a few beauty and make up books on my amazon wish list.

What is your favorite make up item?

Tinted Moisturiser. After trying different foundations as a teenager, which I didn’t do too badly with but I certainly wasn’t too happy about them – I found tinted moisturisers. They work so much better for me. Coverage and moister for my skin.

Do you have wish list and how many items are on there?

I do have a wish list but there aren’t too many items on there at the moment. 2 nail varnishes, a blush and an eye primer.

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I honestly don’t have anyone to tag, because Maaike is the only blogger I know that would interested in this and she’s already done it. However, if you want to go ahead and do it, leave me a comment to let me know you have so I can read it!

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