30 Day Song Challenge: Day 17 – A Song That You Hear Often On The Radio

I confess that really I don’t listen to the radio all that often any more, the radio is always on in my house in the dining room – it always has been, we’re just a house full of music lovers so without some sort of music around the house it seems empty.
Other than that, of course I listen to Rimmerama (Mike Rimmer) – where you can find me quite often in the chatroom, whilst the show is on air. I’ve even been a sidekick on the show for a number of years (psst! don’t tell anyone but I might be back on the show soon!). So that is pretty much my radio in take.

However limited though my radio intake is, I cannot seem to avoid hearing Rihanna – S&M. Now it’s a pretty good song and it is catchy, it gets stuck in my head. But I’m afraid it’s becoming one of those songs that is played too much on the radio. You just get sick of hearing it. Rihanna cash in now, cus people will hate this song in years to come!

What song do you hear often on the radio?

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