Captain Planet Live-Action Movie

Yesterday there was a press release that marked the start of the making of a Captain Planet live action movie (see press release here), you may remember that Captain Planet was last weeks Saturday Morning Cartoon, as such if you don’t remember much or anything about Captain Planet you should check that out now.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

I was such a big fan of the TV series that I’m honestly and understandable weary of this announcement. It certainly does follow suit with many movies that have been released the past few years – Transformers, the many Marvel and DC movies. Which actually were done quite well.

But my fear is that Captain Planet and the Planeteers was so very 80’s, quite cheesy in a way but it was all part of it’s charm. I wonder who they will cast and if they will fit the roles well. Especially the ugly arch-enemies! Part of me really hates it when they decide to make one of my childhood favourites into a movie – it was the same with Transformers. So many questions and the anxiety wondering if they will really get it right.

However I do think that Captain Planet has some excellent movie points – huge disasters are depicted, almost end of the world story lines which will do very well on the big screen. However, will the environmental message spread in this day and age? It was all the rage in the early 90’s but now?

They certainly have their work cut out for them, there are many fans of the TV series out there to please – not to mention the general public. Let’s hope they can do it. It would be sad to see such an awesome cartoon be dragged down due to a bad movie.

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