Got Tickets To See Alan Carr!

These tickets have been on sale for a while now, but in all honesty I did not want to go alone and I wasn’t aware of anyone who liked Alan Carr, so I put him on my pile of “too see one day list”.

Alan Carr
Alan Carr

However one day last week, I was chatting online to my friend Gemma and she randomly says she wants to see him. So we immediately look for tickets.

Now I really get a kick out of looking for tickets and booking them. Looking for the best seats, the best prices and racing to enter my details before my session times out and it gives my tickets to someone else.
I know that may sound strange, the downside is the stress, the pressure and the poor mouse wondering what on earth is happening that I’m refreshing so much. But! Getting those tickets, those front row come and sweat all over me tickets, is one of the best feelings. And then waiting for them arrive.

None of that this time, as I said tickets had been on sale for a while and well this is a theatre venue so seating is slightly different. You can get away with not being front row and there are many good seating areas unlike arenas.

Besides, I didn’t book them. Gemma did – seats where she’s sat before so I’m confident they’re good.

In case you haven’t heard of Alan Carr he’s an extremely camp (read: gay) comedian with a wicked sense of humour. He’s not afraid to make fun of himself either. He used to present the Friday Night Project (which was later the Sunday Night Project) with one of my favourite people Justin Lee Collins which was a fantastic show where celebrities once introduced ran the show, with some guidance of course.

The tour we’re seeing is called Spexy Beast Tour (yes I spelt that right), now if only I could get Alan Carr, Justin Lee Collins and Gok Wan (who is so cute, but just as gay as Alan dammit!) all in one room, I’d be one happy girly!

I should mention, this is the first comedian show I’ll be seeing live. I’m really not easily swayed by comedians so there are only a few on my list that I really want to see live and would pay out money to see. Top and next on that list is Lee Evans – only problem there being he makes me laugh too much. Ask my friends – I literally cannot breathe so I’m rather unconvinced that it’s a good idea for me to see him live, I mean I can’t pause him whilst I catch my breath again or clean up the juice I just spat out.

So, 7th September Alan Carr. Here’s a glimpse of one of his shows for you:

What shows are you going to see? What shows do you want to see?

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