Saturday Morning Cartoons: Week 3

This week I had one of my friends pick the Saturday Morning Cartoon – which you can do to – just leave me a comment below, and maybe next week we’ll have the show you suggested.

Get ready to throw out that new cartoon of this, and put the movie out of your mind because we’re watching Transformers the original cartoon. The original cartoon was based on the Transformers toys – which whilst they were popular before – they rocketed in popularity after the TY series hit the screens and as I’m sure you know it’s still going strong today.

Part 1:


Part 2:

Which do you prefer? The original cartoon? The new movies or the new animated series?

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cartoons: Week 3

  1. The original cartoon! Duh! I remember this being broadcast in English over here and my English being zero I always thought they sang: Robots in the skies, instead of robots in disguise.

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