Twisted World Reveals Itself In Amy Winehouse’s Death

Amy Winehouse is dead. If you don’t know by now, chances are you haven’t been on a social network or news site for the past 10 minutes.

It’s tragic in a we all knew it was going to happen someday way, I wasn’t a big fan of hers but I know others think she’s a big loss to music (or at least she would have been if she ever turned up to do anything for her career).

I feel for her parents, friends and family I do, but I have to post this, I have to say it. I will not keep my mouth shut.

Libya DeadThis world is well and truly twisted. When my whole time line is about Amy Winehouse yet there was no where near this response to Oslo or the struggles of the people in the middle east like Eygpt and Libya.
Why is it people stand to attention, posting Rest In Peace because a singer died and yet do not to it for those who died innocently in a terrorist attack? Why will you not speak up for you fellow human beings suffering under a tyrant’s regime?

People are dying everyday, being tortured, people seeing their loved ones killed in front of them. Rest In Peace. How many more people like this have to rest in fucking piece before people take their attention away from Hollywood and take their place in putting a stop to this kind of thing?

Please for the love and survival of humanity, stop and think about how much you want to make a difference.

19 thoughts on “Twisted World Reveals Itself In Amy Winehouse’s Death

  1. I’m not afraid to admit that I can’t make a difference in any conflict here or abroad whether it’s war, terrorism, nutters blowing things up and shooting people because at the end of the day I’m helpless really. And I choose to shield myself from it otherwise I think I’d just be down all the time. There’s far too much to be sad about in this world which is why I try and concentrate on the good.
    As selfish as it is, if it doesn’t affect me what can I do? Not a lot. Doesn’t matter how many people are or aren’t talking about anything, doesn’t change anything whether it’s on twitter 100 or 100,000 times, it’s just a social networking site and unfortunately can’t change anything.
    What it comes down to is that yes, the world is twisted it’s just how you deal with it on a day to day basis.

    1. Well, I don’t know about social networking not making a difference. That wave of protests happening STILL in the Middle East right now? It started online, supposedly. The Egypt uprising in particular was supposedly started on Facebook. Look where they are NOW. Whether or not these other Middle Eastern countries will get what Egypt got is yet to be seen, and maybe it won’t happen, unfortunately. So… I think it’s more about circumstances than anything else.

          1. Oh it is indeed. It’s just solved yet. Protests are still taking place because although there has been a change, it hasn’t changed all that much if that makes sense (sneaky politics). I’m keeping an eye on it as an old NLYer lives there (v. proud she took part in the protests).

    2. Actually there’s a fair bit you can do, don’t you think people in these places feel better knowing that people out there care? Don’t you think it spurs them on to fight for their rights?
      You can put pressure on governments to do something about it – admittedly the final outcome of that is not in your hands.
      The more people that know about the crimes these tyrants are committing the better, it’s all well and good sitting there and saying it’s a shame for them but if the tables were turned wouldn’t you like people to be outraged by the way you were being treated, to take some action – however small?

  2. I’m not sure it’s about caring about famous people more I guess it’s easier to go “oh no a celebrity’s died” than it is to admit that the world is a bloody awful place and people do strange things that have far reaching consequences for a lot of people and ultimately people die.

    1. Easier is about right. But in the time (and indeed word count) it takes to dispute all this and think of the reasons why people don’t take action – petitions could have been signed, people could have been enlightened, families encouraged, governments spurred into action.
      Maybe one person cannot make much difference but a lot of people standing together can.

  3. I guess this goes without saying, but I do feel like I should say it since we’ve been focusing on all the negative- Miss Winehouse had a DAMN good voice, VERY good music, and a knack for songwriting. This blog post wouldn’t exist if she’d just gotten her damn act together. But the drugs & alcohol overtook her. And it sucks to see talent like that wasted & gone, considering how much manufactured crap & mediocrity there is in the music industry today. And perhaps THAT is why everyone is talking about this today– because she was REALLY talented.

    1. She was talented – I’m not sure how much, because for me personally it would have taken more music and more live performances to convince me totally.
      But yes it is a shame – she was obviously very troubled by something even early on in her life. It’s sad that music probably was her therapy, but when she got that – she got money and access to drugs that ultimately destroyed her.

  4. When ever I hear of someone has died I think of this:

    No man is an island, entire of itself
    every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
    if a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were,
    as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
    any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
    and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
    it tolls for thee.

    Are we not all part of the same humanity? and any small loss is a loss to its whole.
    We would do well to remember there are many that die daily and many that none know of. (its a sad thought)
    Any time I see an ambulance or fire truck. I say a small prayer wishing that all go well with them just because, it could of been me.

    Remember the dead, for you would wish to be remembered your self.

    Perhaps I am just dramatic.

  5. Ya know. I agree with you Ali: it is terrible, and I agree that people dying in conflicts around the world is 10x worse than Amy Winehouse succumbing to her own stupid wrongdoings. However, you cannot change that what gets to people most: it is a law of human acceptation that is at work.

    A rule which journalists the world over go by. People only believe stories and become involved with them if they have some sort of connection to it: the closer by something happens the better. News agencies even have a ‘formula’ for how important news is: divide the number of kilometers where the event happened by the number of dead bodies. In other words: when something terrible happens closer to home and it involves only one person that is deemed more important than reporting on 4 people dying in a supposed terrorist attack on the other side of the world.

    This is also the reason why stories dwindle away for a while once they go on for too long. This is the case in the Middle East. The main spunk is gone from it and so ‘deserves’ less coverage. Same goes for Oslo. I was shocked to find out about this. Norway is a country which is pretty similar to Holland so this brought everything very close to home for me. But since a terrorist attack by jihadis has been ruled out and it probably one mad Norwegian guy who holds a grudge against his own government, it suddenly became less important for the global press to report on it.

    I’m not saying I’m agreeing with this method of deciding what to cover and what to leave out, but this seems to be the way the world works. 75% of people won’t care about things if it doesn’t affect them directly. Since more people (in the West anyway) seem to own Amy Winehouse’s albums than they have a connection with Norway or the Middle East, they are more torn up about her death than the death of thousands if not millions innocent people fighting for a cause. Now, if we could only change that. Than this world would definitely be a better place.

    1. I really wish we could change that and I know all too well it’s media as well bending to this whim, but it does upset me. We have such good lives (maybe not perfect) in the west, I do wonder what they would think if the shoe was on the other foot, and we needed international help.

  6. “petitions been signed, people could have been enlightened, families encouraged, governments spurred into action” don’t agree with that.

    These governments concerned owe it to their own country to sort themselves out and no amount of interferring from the west is going to change that.

    We might be in a piss poor state at the moment but we live in a democracy which our government allows us to, we might not always agree with them but they allow us a lot of rights and control over our county. Alot of these foreign governments are far too concerned with money and power to be concerned about their citizens. Take India, how many millions of people die every year? Yet they’ve spent £1billion on their space programme. If these foreign governments wanted to deal with the unrest in their countries then they would but they choose not to.

    I don’t think the whole human race can be classed as twisted because we’re not. But we’re not ignorant either, we know what goes on but no amount of petitions or tweets is going to change that

    1. Thing is Tasha, is that it DOES change things. You said yourself WE live in democracy where we have some control over our country, this is WHY petitions, letters to MPs work. People in these countries don’t have that choice, there for we use our choice to help them.

      International pressure from other countries can help change this – some will succumb to our demands because they want international respect, to be part of things like the EU because it benefits them.

      Others of course won’t listen, but the attention is on them – so now they show themselves to the international community and should be held responsible for their actions.

      Just because their government doesn’t care about them, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.

      I’m pretty sure if we became under a a tyrant, you’d be disgusted if the international community didn’t get involved and help us. Just left us to it, cus our government chose not to help us.

      A countries people are like the children of their ruler, it should be a helping nurturing relationship, but it can be abusive too.

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