Shopping Haul: On and Offline

I’ve been doing some shopping recently, nothing big just looking around for stuff that catches my eye really because for so long now I’ve been buying stuff for my business and that’s left very little money for me. So I’ve been on essentials only for quite a few months. So this month I’ve been splashing out a little on myself – but not too much, everything I’ve brought is cheap and in sales (bonus!). So here we go with what I’ve brought the last week.

Magic Painting Books
Magic Painting Books

Magic Painting Books. I know, I’m such a child, but I was browsing ebay and stumbled across them. I was instantly transported back to my childhood, sitting at the table with a glass of water and a paintbrush. I had to buy some. I got a 4 pack of these and I love them. I’ve done some already!

If you don’t know what a magic painting book is, it’s like a normal colouring book, but it has patterned areas – all you do is dip and brush in water and the colours appear! You really should by one, even if you are an adult. I highly recommend it, it’s very therapeutic!

Books and Game
2 Books and Game

These we’re brought from a charity shop very cheaply. The game was recommended to me by a friend, it’s called Dungeon Keeper 2. I haven’t played it yet, so can’t really say anything else about it. The two books are The Hobbit – J.R.R Tolkien (which I need for my collection) and The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett. I’m slowly building up my Terry Pratchett books, I think I’m up to about 5 so far. Think this one is the 1991 edition. The Hobbit is a 1999 edition but looks like it’s never been read.

2 Old Books

I confess. I love old books. But not just any, ones that catch my eye as interesting. I often browse the antiquarian section of the books on ebay because even if I don’t something I want to buy, there’s always interesting things in there. These two caught my eye one day last week.

On the left we have an 1873 edition of Word of Human Wisdom. Which I’m loving, it’s full of quotes of advice from various people and places. It has two owners names in the front as was customary back then when it wasn’t often one got a book of their own. It also has a stamp inside which says “W H Smith and Sons, STRAND, London”. This is was on sale there before it became a national chain of book stores. It’s amazing how buying one book can be so interesting.

And on the right we have Science News 21 published by Penguin Books in 1951. Which covers the following areas: Radio Astronomy, Identical Twin Dairy Cattle, Forest Entomology, Concept of the Physical World, Theory of Crystal Growth, The Cosmological Problems and Research Report. All very geeky I know but interesting!

5 Books From A Sale

I really hadn’t planning on buying any books when I joined a friend when they went shopping for some essentials. However somehow (I don’t know how!) we ended up in a book shop. The Works to be precise, who had a sale on. So I start looking through the books and find myself some treasures. As it turns out, some of these were even cheaper than the price marked on them as well. Win!

So on the left we have The Daredevil Book For Dogs (What Dogs Really Think) – Nick Griffiths (light read but some good comedy!). Top left we have Making Money – Terry Pratchett, Top Right The Sword In The Stone – T.H White. Bottom Left The Gargoyle – Andrew Davidson (this one really is a try out, never read the author before but it grabbed me so thought I’d give it go!) and finally Bottom Right The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies – John Micheal Greer (I find all this kind of thing really interesting – I’m not sure how good the book actually is though, we’ll see!).

River Island Top
River Island Top

I also found this gorgeous top in a charity shop – it’s not very often I find stuff I really like in charity shops but this really screamed BUY ME NOW! Hangs a bit strange on the hanger but it looks awesome when you wear it. Probably cost £30-£40 new, I got it for £2 – plus the broach/badge/pin that’s on the front too (which was not with the top to start with).

Phew! That took a while! So, what was the last thing you brought?

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