F.lux – PC Software That Benefits Your Eyes

I’ve been meaning to share this piece of great software for a while not but somehow I’ve always managed to forget until I’m not on my laptop.

Unfortunately their page doesn’t really explain what it does very well, but trust me you’ll love it. Especially if you spend a lot of time on your computer.
This very small piece of software called F.lux takes the time from your computers clock and adjusts the screens brightness. At night you will notice that your screen has a red tint to it – this doesn’t effect the viewing experience on your computer at all, but it does help your eyes at night. They’re less strained and more relaxed when you eventually tear yourself away from the screen.


When you first start up your computer you may see the red tint flicker your screen for one second whilst it adjusts itself, this is nothing to worry about.
Doing colour sensitive work? You can simply click on it on the bottom right of your task bar, and disable it for an hour.
Also, if you want to notice the difference, at night… click on it and then click the graphical display and it will show you the preview.

I love it. It’s really made a difference when I’m at my computer at night. I highly recommend that you download it here and install it.

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