Painting and Decorating

If you follow me on twitter you will probably know I’m redecorating my bedroom – most of it in fact. I’m keeping my desk, my bedside table and of course my bed.

Why am I telling you this when I have nothing to show you? Well it’s taking up a lot of my time, a lot of my energy in fact. Not only am I painting and moving furniture around in the day but the paint fumes are fuelling my allergies so even with antihistamines I’m still getting the tiredness from my body over reacting – and I’m getting a sore throat, itchy eyes, etc. Did I also mention that I’m not sleeping too well with my room being all upside down. I feel very disorientated; I hate it.

This all means I have little time and I’m too tired to blog most days – so I’m afraid you’ll have to bare with me for about the next week or so whilst I get this finished. There will be posts, just probably more every few days this week rather than then more regular instalments that you are used to from me.

Have a good week!

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