Learning To Read: The Best Lesson You’ll Ever Learn

As I’ve been reading when I’ve had a spare 30 minutes or two these past few weeks, it’s really struck me how learning to read is the best lesson at school I ever learnt.
I’ve been reading Words of Human Wisdom whilst my room as been decorated. Because it’s all quotes and short lines of advice, it’s an easy read and I can put it down easily. It’s a tiredness friendly. I’m pretty sure this is when it hit me most. When I closed that book and looked at the cover. How old it was. How many books are there out there to read?
This got me thinking about how many books I must have read in my lifetime. It must be 100s.

Source: weheartit.com

I’ve always been a real bookworm. In the UK, we are giving “reading books” at school and they increase by reading age as you move up the book levels. You only move up a level when you can confidently read the set of books on the level your are on. I’d fly through them, enjoying the stories and finished the whole system two years than the average child. I had a reading age at least 3 years older than my actual age. I just loved to read.

Even the infant school (4 – 7 years old) library books didn’t fill me up and I’d read my favourites amongst them – Beatrix Potter books by 6 years old. And so not long after that my mum signed me up for the local library, where we would go on a Saturday morning to choose some books. I’d come home with 6 books every week as this was the maximum you could borrow at one time.
And then there’s all the books I’ve read for school and college – text books and books for English literature. The list must be really long and I’m still adding to it.

When your a child, it’s drilled into you that reading is important so that you can read important signs that warn you of potential danger and whilst that is important, it’s so much more than that. You can learn so much by yourself from reading a book, a news article, an essay, (this blog). Reading can be a form of second-hand experience, lessons can be learnt before you learn them the hard way, you can learn to understand people, it can make you think, change your point of view and enlighten you to things you never knew before.
And how can I forget losing yourself in another world, amongst fictional characters and getting away from real life for a while.

Learning to read is definitely the best thing I learned how to do in school.

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