Being A Radio Sidekick

Although this will be published in the morning, I’m currently sat in Cross Rhythms studio aka the summer sauna with my good friend Mike Rimmer.

Radio Sidekick
Yes, if Mike had the chance, his sidekicks would be doing this. I know it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been sat here as a sidekick – the place actually seems tidier! I confess, I’m really excited. Though so far we’re missing some much loved regulars in the chatroom – if your reading this, you need to come back!
I’m not a stranger to this, I’ve been a sidekick on Rimmerama since the summer of 2008 (wow just realised how long that is) and I love it. Because Mike and I are great friends and I’m friends with the other sidekicks, it’s just like hanging out with your friends and it’s been broadcast internationally – which I know probably doesn’t seem like it to you, but it really is.

Lets clear a few things up right now. It’s not easy. Fun yes, easy no. It takes about 3 minutes for the studio to descend into the madness that is Rimmerama – most of which is unplanned. No script. And unfortunately sometimes for us sidekicks – whatever Mike doesn’t want to do – we get to do, which includes being filmed trying to stay on a balance board whilst interviewing a Christian surfer, on air speed dating and goodness knows what else when the mood strikes.

It’s also not glamous. This is an 80’s building and not much has changed since the 80’s, the computers – well most of them are newer than 20 years old – and so is Mike (sorry Mike). The studio is hot (did I mention that?). I do get to meet Christian artists, authors and all that jazz but they’re just people coming in to do a job.  We’re not friends for the most part and nor would I claim to be.

Did I mention all the multi-tasking I do? I’m writing this right now, helping Mike with his blog (I’m also his tech support), talking to listeners in the chatroom and doing whatever talking I need to do on air. I used to do a lot more as well, and I’m guessing Mike will start with the ideas again soon – photography and filming for me to do, research and what not. It’s a jam packed 3 hours!

There’s lots I could tell you I’m sure but, there’s a show to do. Any questions, comment and ask. Maybe I’ll blog some more about this in the future.

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