Dear Rioters, Looters and General Scumbags

Dear Rioters, Looters and General Scumbags

I do hope you’ve finished doing your fine job of ruining lives, did you know that included your own? You started this because a man died, a man was shot – a violent act which you hated and yet you react violently right back. How clever are you? Doing exactly what you are rioting against?

And then there’s you – you who just joined in for no reason at all. One person yawns because they are tired but the person who yawns next has no reason what so ever. You are even lower than the afore mentioned. You have no reason, no drive only a lust for destruction and violence.

Looters, I quote one of you “I looted because I have no money today”. I got news for you. I haven’t got any either today. You a low life thieves who have taken advantage of other peoples misfortune.

Maybe some of those big companies will recover, but you have destroyed buildings. And what of those independent businesses? Whose owners are from your own community?
It has been said that you are upset at unemployment, if so you have just worsened that situation not only for yourself but for others in your community as well. Less companies means less jobs. And those who have built their own business from scratch in the area so that they aren’t unemployed, you’ve destroyed. Nice.
And you think you’re going to get more money for help and facilities now… well I think any money will be going into those buildings you destroyed. Congratulations.

And to those copycats further north in other cities? Congratulations on adding more pointlessness to your own life.



Civilised Society – Join Us!


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