30 Day Song Challenge: Day 23 – A Song You Want To Play At Your Wedding

Wow, this is such a big moment in someone’s life and it’s definitely a big and important moment for me. One day (I hope), I will meet that man I’ve always wanted to be with and we’ll get married. Having been engaged twice now (the latter of the two was a total mistake, the first also a mistake but not until about a year into our engagement), I know a few things about how much stuff there is to organise for a wedding. The song – or songs as there can be many that are played are just a very small part but for me, a vital one. I love music so it has to be part of that special day for me.

However, there are a few problems with choosing a song when your not actually getting married right now. The first being, it wouldn’t be just my decision. My future husband and I would have to choose the song together. Not only that but the song I think would fit now, could change completely because my feelings, circumstances, etc could have all changed by then.

Here we go though. I have chosen Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You because the next line in this song is “before I met you” and I do love the idea of two people who are meant to be together. Which may not be realistic, but I have said this before – I’m a fairy tale love sort of girl – and I have to go with this.

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