Book Review: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson was recommended to me by a friend about a year ago, which I brought as soon as I could knowing that he and I have very similar tastes in such things. However I only brought the first of the series The Final Empire Why have I only just now finished reading it? I simply didn’t want it to end.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
Front Cover (UK Version)

I brought my paperback copy from Amazon UK for £5.30 (RRP £8.99)*, the cover is different from the US version and although cleaner in design some may not connect the imagery on the cover to the story very well but I quite like it. It’s published (at least in the UK) by Gollancz which have some great books, so again definitely got my excited before I even started reading.

The title of the book gives a massive clue about the main storyline of the book – a group of people try to bring down the The Final Empire – named so because it has been unbreakable for centuries. This is not about war, this is about rebellion and bringing down a tyrant.
The world is divided into upper and lower class and the difference between them couldn’t be much more. The lower class are either slaves, too sick/weak/old to work, or thieves. All of which live in slums whilst the high class people have lavish food and balls most nights of the week. They kill the lower classes (Skaa) as they please and even rape isn’t an issue as long as they kill any Skaa woman afterwards so they don’t bare any of their children.
Money and status however aren’t the only powerful levers in this seemingly moral less place – there is Allomancy – those who are born with this talent can use metal by ingesting it to unleash supernatural powers. These people are called Mistborn and they are few. But the rebellion relies on a street urchin, a common thief to learn to master her Allomancy with the help of a criminal mastermind.

Even given this information about the book and the storyline of it, you really have no idea what you’re in for until you read the book. It’s so complex. The characters so well developed, so deep that you will care for each one. You will see the world though different eyes and be left to make your own mind up whose ideal world it is and should be.
There’s a new secret to discover nearly every page about the characters, the world, the rebellion plan.
Speak of which the rebellion plan is also very complex, every detail is covered and it’s not without it’s setbacks either.
So many surprises in it and yet you will look back and wonder how you didn’t see these things coming.

This book as so much moral structure to it, some small fables within it in a way that you can easily see the similarities to religious texts in it such as the bible. And if you are as observant as me, you will certainly see where these shine through the most.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The whole book is fantastic, I was not bored of it for one simple line. In the UK version, there are maps at the front of the book but I doubt you’ll need to reference them, the writing is so good you’re imagination will be working overtime just to keep up. You’ll have the whole world mapped in your head, you’ll see places so clearly.
It baffles me why more people haven’t read it, why the world isn’t raving about it because I’m still buzzing from it, I really am. I have the other two in the series on order from Amazon right now. I’m seriously kicking myself for not ordering them all at the same time because I cannot wait to read The Well of Ascension. Trust me. Buy them all – or at least have the next one before you finish the first!
I highly recommend this book, I actually insist you buy it. Just buy it everyone for Christmas. Really. You should.

I love reading but it takes a lot for me to say yes this person is one of my favourite authors, so much so that before this book. I only had one favourite author. Now I’ve added Brandon Sanderson to that.

Brandon Sanderson has ruined me for other authors.

*This is why I recommend Amazon for books quite often.

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