101 on Starting High School

Are you starting High School this September? Daunting isn’t it? Believe me soon enough you’ll be wondering what you were worried about.

With all the back to school stuff on sale, it reminded me of my first day of high school and the weeks that followed. So I figured that I’d blog about it, put some young minds at rest, because it’s really not that bad. Let me point out however that my experiences are of high schools in the UK.

StudyingMy first day, or at least morning of High School was a bit of a disaster to be honest. My friends parents had arranged for us to go together and I think it was her dad who was to pick me up in the morning and take us there, just to make sure we got there okay for the first day. After that we were on our own and the next day, we had to walk. Great plan eh? We’d be on time, and have time to find out where we needed to be.
Nope. Not on my first day. As I was waiting for said friend and her dad to arrive, I got a phone call. He’d hurt his foot, I can’t remember how but it had happened that morning. So they were running late. He could hardly drive. However he braved it, and painfully drove us to school before I believe going to the hospital opposite our school. We were late.
All the rest of the new young impressionable minds we already in the assembly hall, having an introduction to the form teachers.
Then, it came time to split us up into our form rooms. My friend and I weren’t in the same form group, so we parted ways not really knowing how to contact or meet up with each other later that day. Not only that but by now, I was all flustered and unsettled – so I missed my name being called and so missed knowing which form group I was in. I hung back, and had to wait to be shown to my form room. Late for then too then!
Alas a few people I know in my form room! And our form tutor was quite nice. Unfortunately for us, she was a P.E. (Gym) teacher, thus the classroom belonged to another teacher, an English teacher and an English teacher who didn’t seem to care for children much. Bummer.
This was not a good start. However, I can say that people did help me find my form room and the rest of the day was a little hectic but it went pretty smoothly. Nothing too educational was done that day, a lot of introductions, ice breakers and information to take in.
So, if you have a bad start… don’t worry too much!

So I’ll move on to what I learnt in my first few weeks of high school.


You will have probably heard some rumours about your high school, different things. In my day it was that people would egg you (throw eggs and flour at you) on your birthday and they would push you down the grassy bank. None of which turned out to be true. No-one ever pushed me down that bank and the only people that egg you on your birthday are your friends and 99% of the time it’s through a mutual understand about whether or not you want that experience.
Don’t believe everything you’re told about high school.


Don’t expect there to be a locker for you as not all schools have enough to go around. And sadly this means on P.E. day, you’ll be carrying around those extra clothes and trainers with you all damn day. Make arrangements with your form teacher to see if you can keep your kit in their store room, some will let you.


Teachers now work differently, you’ll start on the path to mutual respect. You respect them and they’ll respect you.


Most high school won’t allow you to wear make-up of any kind, but at some schools you may be able to get away with it. No nail varnish – they will notice this straight away. Keep make-up neutral and they may not say anything. No-one wants to be called out in the middle of class and be told to take off their make up.


Depending on your level of study, you may be required to by a few books. Usually a dictionary for whatever language you are learning and a few reading books for English Literature. These books do not have to be expensive, look at discount book stores such as The Works or on Amazon.


No matter whether you wrote in pen or pencil in your primary school, you will be writing in pen in high school. Find a few that works for you. Have at least two in your pencil case. You will also need a ruler, rubber, pencil and again depending on your level of study a scientific calculator (I recommend Casio as most people will have this make, and they’re easy to use).


If you should get bullied in high school, please report it to your form teacher, head of year or head of the school. The quicker you sort it out, the better it will be for you.


Sadly your amount of homework is about to increase, especially if you have a lot of different classes. All my teachers aimed to give us 30 minutes homework a week, which isn’t much but when you consider I was taking 10 subjects, it adds up. So take some time each day (or a few days a week) to do some homework, otherwise it will mount up on you.
Once you get to school on that first day, don’t worry you should be shown to your classes for about a week by older students and you’ll soon find your way around. Not to mention you’ll have a map. However if you’re unsure, finish your lunchtime early and go find your next class.

It doesn’t seem like it but soon you’ll know your way around easily and wonder what you were worrying about. However, any questions, leave a comment and ask me.
And if anyone has any advice to add to this, please leave a comment also.

2 thoughts on “101 on Starting High School

  1. Although I have very vivid memories of my first day of primary school, I have no specific memories of starting high school. Good advice though. I didn’t enjoy my first year of high school as I was at a Grammar school and it was very strict and I never really felt comfortable until I made it to the sixth form!

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