Exciting September

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It’s just dawned on me that I have quite a September in store. Plans have been in the works for a few weeks now but I guess I never really realised until a few hours ago just how packed my september will be.

Firstly, on the 4th I have my birthday – which means on the 3rd I’m gathering a few friends together to go for some food. That’s a good few hours entertainment right there. The 4th is my actual birthday so I guess this is when I’ll be hanging out with family and hopefully getting to chat to my sister (currently in Nigeria).

On the 6th, I have my Canadian friend landing at the airport so off to collect him and get him settled in his hotel. He’s staying for two weeks and so we will be doing some sight seeing. Taking a trip to Liverpool to see a few free museums there, taking him to see a British seaside town, going to the zoo, a country park. Bunch of different stuff, which of course you’ll hear all about – there’s just no plans set in stone quite yet, so I’ll update you all as those trips happen.

7th September, as you may remember I’ll be going to see Alan Carr. Gemma and I haven’t been out properly together to just relax for a while, so I’m REALLY looking forward to this. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fun before and after the show too.

And then, sometime around mid September my friend Kat (for those of you who are thinking it – yes Sharkie/Silvershark), will be stopping by on her way to Wales so we can go out for the day, catch up and have a meal. Plus our dogs will finally get to meet. I haven’t seen Kat for over a year now, and last time it wasn’t very long as it was mostly to drop off my Christmas present (Gecko’s can’t be posted!). So looking forward to that too. Just waiting to firm up plans with her!

So I’ll be plenty entertained, and it’s really taken the edge off me feeling like my life isn’t going anywhere and I’m really feeling rather loved, though I must confess – does make me miss my NLY girls, hey you lot – wana join the party?

I feel like I’m celebrating my birthday for almost 3 weeks straight. I’ll have plenty of posts scheduled and will update when I can on all the adventures, so I’ll definitely still be blogging away as well… somehow!

What are your plans for September?

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