30 Day Song Challenge: Day 26 – A Song You Can Play On An Instrument

I can actually play a few songs on different instruments but admittedly I’m out of practice on all of them, but in my life time I have played the recorder, the flute, piano/keyboard and guitar. But what I’m most practised at is the piano/keyboard. I do actually still own a keyboard it’s just not set up any more. So anyway, this being the case I decided the keyboard was probably the best instrument to look for such a song I would play.

I think nearly everyone has learnt at least the basics of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion by now and at least 90% of those are trying so very hard to forget the song has ever existed. And no prizes for guessing that yes, I can indeed play a few Backstreet Boys songs.

Thus, I figured I’d pick something different although, like the Titanic song this one has it’s enemies mostly because it’s been around for so long. My siblings being no exception to that since the feature film it’s from I used to watch everyday at least twice a day for about a year after getting it on VHS for Christmas one year. Bear in mind also that my siblings would be about 19 and 21 years old at this point. Drove them mad!

So I apologise if this applies to you also but I can actually play We’re Walking In The Air from The Snowman score.


What song can you play on an instrument?

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