30 Day Song Challenge: Day 27 – A Song You Wish You Could Play

I’ve been waiting to post this one, purely because I don’t think anyone would have heard this version of the song I wish I could play, and it’s this version I wish I could play – not the normal version.

I was introduced to this version when I was about 17 years old – I have the mp3 but wouldn’t you know it, I cannot find it on youtube, because well it’s quite rare and the guy isn’t that well known I guess.

So, first of all here is the original of Vivaldi – Summer Presto

Nice eh?

But I much prefer Conrad Simon‘s version on it, played on his electric guitar. Yes that’s right electric guitar. I love it. Since there’s no youtube video for it. I’ve uploaded the MP3 so you can listen to it:

Conrad Simon – Vivaldi’s Summer Presto


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