Recommended Products: Brandon Sanderson, Maybelline and Nivea

A lot of my shopping this month has been to do with my room – which I will show you, I just had to put together one last cupboard, which has taken so long because I’ve had 2 delivered now that were broken on arrival, so I’ve had to send them back and wait for them to send a not broken one (it’s not broken, I’ve checked – just haven’t put it together yet).
Also has my birthday is approaching. I’ve had my mum buy me a few things and my friend when I find one I like is buying me a top.
So I really don’t have a whole lot to show you that I brought for myself (but I will do a birthday haul and show you everything I got after my birthday) but I have found some really great products so I thought I’d share with you some of those instead of a big haul.

First of these a book, that I highly recommend The Final Empire by Brandon – but actually I’ve already done a review on it, so you should check that out but you definitely should get it, particularly if you like a book that makes you think and you’re into fantasy. I also wanted to just add here that although I said in the review that Amazon is a good place to get it – which it is, but Waterstones usually have a 3 for 2 offer in the Fantasy and Sci-Fi section in store, which will probably work out cheaper if you want to get all 3 books in the series at the same time, or you maybe want to grab another two books in this genre.

Secondly, I definitely recommend Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstain.

Maybelline Lipstain
Maybelline Lipstain

I brought this on a whim really, with no recommendation and just a hand swatch in the store but I’m totally glad I brought it.
It costs around £6 in the UK, which is above what I would normally pay for something for my lips – simply because I don’t wear stuff on my lips all that much.
I don’t wear stuff on my lips much because they are notorious for being dry, so lip balm (with or without a bit of colour) or plain old Vaseline is usually what I wear. Lipstick just doesn’t work because it ends up looking horrible when my lips dry out, some of the moisturising ones aren’t too bad but on the whole lipsticks just don’t work for me.
This however is great, I thought it would really dry out my lips but it doesn’t. Actually it seems to have helped! Plus anyone who suffers from dry lips will know that your lip colour can be very patchy, this evens this out perfectly without looking like your wearing anything. Very natural.  I have this in the colour Tender Rose which is a light pinky colour that’s not too far from my natural lip colour.
Because it’s a lip stain you really need to let it settle in for 30 seconds or so before applying anything else to your lips, also if you don’t the taste on your lips isn’t so nice – but after that you won’t taste anything at all.
It does fade but it lasts very well, and with me applying Vaseline afterwards it doesn’t budge at all so no red/pink splodges on my lip balm or in my Vaseline. I’ve also put lip gloss over it and it doesn’t move with that either. It’s a great base for anything.

Third and finally is Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturising Day Cream

Nivea Tinted Moisturing Day Cream
Nivea Tinted Moisturing Day Cream

I actually only brought this the other day, on recommendation from a friend, but I have tried and tested it I promise!
I was a bit worried about the colour of this product because my friend has a more olive skin tone and the colour of this is darker than what I would normally use but being assured by said friend that it looks fine on, I brought it – plus figured if it didn’t suit me, I’d just give it to her.
Normally, I use Boots Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser which is more than half the price of this one but of course, this one is also a day cream so the £4.50 is somewhat justified.
I’ve tried it a few times now, and I have to say it does suit my skin tone. It looks a bit strange when you first put it on but I’ve noticed it seems to adjust well to your skin tone after a few minutes, so give it at least 10 minutes before you take judgement on if it suits you or not.
It has some great coverage – a little better than the natural collection and you don’t need all that much to cover your face either so it will definitely last.
Upon removing it, I have to say it’s a little heavier than the one I normally use as there’s far more product on my facial wipes but again it does have a lot of extra things in there to take care of your skin so perhaps this makes it even with a lighter tinted moisturiser.
It does smell really nice like all Nivea products do but I’ve yet to see if that perfume will irritate my allergy ridden eyes – but so far, so good.
I’m not sure I would actually replace my Natural Collection one with this, but I will definitely be using it and buying it again.

So that’s your lot. Three great products. Will you try any of these? What would you recommend?

6 thoughts on “Recommended Products: Brandon Sanderson, Maybelline and Nivea

  1. It seems like every brand is coming out with lipstains lately. I have 2 and both don’t work for me. They only stain my bottom lip, not the top one. No matter what… I end up with a ridiculously stained bottom lip and my top one seems bare in comparison to that. And stains are so difficult to take off!

    And have you tried rosebud salve for your lips? What I do to prevent from dry/ flaky lips is this: after brushing my teeth before bed I scrub my lips with a soft, clean toothbrush, then I lather on a thick layer of rosebud salve. Result: silky smooth lips without flakes or chaps.

    1. Mine works fine, does both lips just fine. GOSH ones a bit more intense if you haven’t tried those yet.

      I don’t think we have rosebud here. But I do scrub my lips, with a towel not a tooth brush as that works better for me. Will have to have a look for the rosebud stuff and try it.

  2. You guys are so sophisticated with your makeup & techniques, and I’m so… basic, lol. I just use vaseline on my lips, black eyeliner, and blush on my cheeks, forehead and chin. And that it. I think my face washing routine is more complicated than my makeup!

    1. Lol, hun I have some make up but honestly it’s not all that sophisticated I use tinted moisturiser cus I have dry skin. Anyway, you may soon have some spare money to experiment a little with make up! x

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