And The September Madness Begins


Yes that’s right, September rolled in yesterday and you may remember I have a lot to do in September! And right now it feels like I’m staring up at a huge skyscraper wondering how I’m going to climb all those stairs to the top and back down again. A bit daunting to be honest, but I’m definitely excited!

Unfortunately some of my friends can’t make it for my birthday meal as they’re working/ill/etc which sucks but going to have a good time nonetheless.

Today I’ll be writing some blogs to be scheduled for the next two weeks, so there will be still posts from me and when I get a few hours spare here and there, I’ll post about the things I’ve been doing so you’ll all still be up to date with what I’ve been doing and I’ll share some photos and what not.

If you want to follow more closely then you can follow me on twitter, where I’m sure there will be a few spontaneous photos too.

I will still be checking on things here, so I will be replying to comments and reading around blogs when I have some time, so don’t be afraid to comment or ask anything, I’m still around.

Let the madness begin!

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