30 Day Song Challenge: Day 29 – A Song From Your Childhood

There are so many songs from my childhood because I grew up in a very musical house, if no-one was actually playing records, or tapes of their own – the radio was always on throughout the day until my parents went to bed.

Even out in the car there would always be a tape in the tape player, blasting out something.

However, there are a few songs that stick out more than others, because when I listen to them I can remember what I was doing in my childhood when that song was playing.
This song, I remember sitting on the floor with my older sister (she was then around 22 I guess?) next to the record player (yes record!) and she was just chilling and listening to her Rod Stewart album. And I just wanted to listen to Sailing on repeat, so that’s what we did. I still do that with songs I really like. I’m not sure what struck me about that song at the time though.

Here’s Rod Stewart – Sailing, performed on Top of the Pops in 1976 (I’m not that old!).


What song sticks out from your childhood?

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