Time To Get Ready

Derived from another conversation with a friend, I got to thinking – how long does it take you all to get ready to go out, say for lunch with friends or something like that.
I’ve been left pretty surprised at how long it takes some people to get ready for such a thing and how much people rush around or get stressed out by it.

Source: weheatit.com

I’m completely fine, if you don’t rush me. If you rush me, I get stressed and I don’t take all that long to get ready anyway!
Lets look at this from a point where I need to do everything from bath/shower to make up.

  • Shower, including washing hair and facial scrub, etc – 15 minutes.
  • Dry off and getting dressed – 5 minutes
  • Dry Hair – 10 minutes (though it feels like much longer sometimes!)
  • Straighten Hair – 10 minutes (seriously if you do it properly, it doesn’t take that long!)
  • Make Up – 10-15 minutes depending on what look I decide to go with.

Then I usually spend 5 minutes to just make sure I have everything in my bag, keys, phone, etc. So that makes it just under an hour, which isn’t bad considering I have long hair to dry and straighten.
I’ve learnt to simplify my routine and not do anything that doesn’t need to be done. So here’s some tips to help you get ready in less time.

  1. Plan a head – if you know your going out somewhere, so things that take up time like paint your nails the night before. Depending on how your hair behaves you can wash your hair the night before too, this means you can skip the drying process – just be sure to keep your hair dry when your shower.
  2. Gives yourself plenty of time – I know my routine takes just under an hour so I’ll start getting ready an hour and a half before I have to leave.
  3. Decide what to wear before hand.
  4. If you have long hair, tie it up if you don’t have time to straighten it. It can still look really nice and saves time on straightening.
  5. Have a “minimal make up” look – so you can use this if your stuck for time, something that makes you look fresh and awake, hides those blemishes but doesn’t take a age!

So there you go. Getting ready for something should be fun, not stressful. Nor should it take 3 hours!

How long do you take to get ready?

One thought on “Time To Get Ready

  1. From the moment I get out of bed till the moment I walk out the door: 30 – 35 minutes. I don’t shower in the mornings as wet hair in cold windy weather is not my cup of tea. I only do it when I really really have to. And I do most things at night: laying out clothes, preparing lunch etc. This saves so much time!
    Here’s what I do:
    – 5 – 10 minutes: getting dressed
    – make & have breakfast: 10 minutes
    – 10 minutes: make up/ accessories

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