Quick Update

Haven’t had chance to do the rest of the blogs for this week, in all honesty I’ve been more busy than I anticipated.
I get up, showered, dressed and leave the house. I’m in bed usually for 10pm and asleep for that matter!

However by the time I get back to proper blogging I think some of this stuff will be too far in the past to be worth mentioning so I thought I’d give a quick update.

Firstly my birthday was awesome. I went to a Chinese Buffet restaurant and bar with a few friends (woot for unlimited food: starters, main and dessert – and a chocolate fountain!) which ended in a 3 of us back at a friends house for a few drinks and playing music trivia games very badly!
I had a quiet day on my actual birthday, hung out with my brother for most of the day and opened cards and presents (all which were great!
Monday I went out for lunch with my parents, after which I was really tired – so I ended up napping until evening.

Of course now I’m playing tour guide – which is hard work! I think my Dutch and Polish friends understand much more than my Canadian friend! It’s all good fun though.
He’s met a few of my friends, we’ve visited the local museum, he’s experienced the not-so-glamous-world-of-radio and I got him to see foxes in real life for the first time ever (they’re his favourite animal).

Me however, I think I have a mouth infection. The whole left side of my mouth (cheek area) is swollen and very sore – since I’ve had an infection before, I know at least this feels the same as that. Which would explain me crashing as soon as I get home at night. However for the moment, I have to wait until Monday to see a doctor (unless it gets worse) and I’m treating it with Corsodyl (strong ass stuff but good!).
My diet however is not working – since Phil is here I’m eating out more, so that’s not helping but I really need to get a hold on this. I’m thinking it’s the contraceptive pill I’m on, as it’s just not coming off at all. So I’ll be coming off that pill soon, and seeing how it goes. I will still be eating better though – as in general, I don’t crave stuff that’s “bad” for me so much any more anyway.

So you’re all up to date now and I will have a bit of time to schedule some more blog posts before the week starts again, just this week I won’t make the mistake of thinking I have a spare hour or two!

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