I’m Sick (lack of updates)

Over the weekend I had a swollen left cheek, thought nothing much of it used some corsodyl figuring it was a bothersome mouth ulcer, that may have got slightly infected. So I carried on being tour guide to visiting friend, did lots of walking around and even went to Liverpool this week.

Yesterday however, I woke up with my cheek swollen more, so I made an appointment at the doctors emergency clinic, turns out I have Pericorinitis (an infection caused by my wisdom tooth). No wonder I’m so tired running around on an infection!
So now I’m on a 7 day course of antibiotics, which should clear it up but I need to see a dentist to check my wisdom tooth is coming through straight and not wonky.
I may not have to have any wisdom teeth out however because they don’t normally cause me too many problems. I have pain from them now and again but nothing a painkiller doesn’t sort out.

So, this is why there have been a severe lack of updates this past week and now I know why I’ve been too tired to update. But it seems I have most of the day to myself as my visiting friend seems to be suffering from his first Indian meal last night, and so is hiding out in his hotel for a while.

I hope you’re all fairing better than me in the health department! Anyone had their wisdom teeth out?

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