Favourite YouTube Videos This Week

Since I’m sick I’m catching up on my subscriptions on YouTube, as well as looking around. So I figured I’d post some I’ve watched that I really like – so you can relax with me too for the duration of these few videos.

Simon’s Cat in ‘Cat & Mouse’
I love Simon’s Cat, totally captures the character of a typical cat. Very funny. This is the latest episode.

Vampire Halloween Tutorial + Make your own costume!
As you may already know I’ve only recently started watching this YouTuber and in the UK, or at least in my opinion it is a bit early for Halloween things but nothing wrong with being prepared. I like this look as it doesn’t require you to go over the top with tacky Halloween make up. Check it out.

How to Pluck, Shape & Fill in Eye Brows tutorial
I love Lauren Luke but instead of giving you a make up look, I thought I’d most this one. Very helpful but I still flinch when she pulls them out!

Kids React to Charlie the Unicorn
If you haven’t yet seen the Kid’s React series by TheFineBros, you really should. This is the latest one, so try this one on for size.

Hope you enjoyed! What have you been watching on YouTube?

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