Review: Alan Carr – Spexy Beast (Pre-Tour)


Alan Carr - Spexy Beast Tour
Alan Carr - Spexy Beast Tour

As you may remember, I went to see Alan Carr at my local theatre on the 7th September, so I thought it was about time I sat down a did a review of that show.

I’ve never seen Alan Carr live before but he’s done a lot on TV particularly for channel 4 both comedy and TV presenting so I’ve watched a lot of that. He also does a radio show (which I confess I don’t listen to, but thinking about it – maybe I should!).
I’ve also never seen a comedian’s pre-tour before (which is where they still do a show but it’s like the final test out for their jokes before they head out on the tour itself), so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Local theatres are pretty small so for the vast majority of seats you have a good view of the stage, and no-one on the stage will look like a tiny dot – major advantage to seeing a comedian in a smaller venue, especially ones who have a lot of visual comedy in their actions of facial expressions. We had tickets in the lower circle at the side – second row. Which for this theatre is better than stalls/floor because those seats aren’t at different heights as you get towards the back. Being short, unless I’m in the front 4 or so rows, that means I wouldn’t be able to see.
There was only about 4 seats not taken for that show so it was definitely popular.

Alan stepped onto the stage with no stage clothes – just jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of gold looking trainers. The stage just dressed with a black starry lit background and a mic. No glitz and glam on a pre-tour show. Which I’m not used to but I have to say – it didn’t take away from it one bit. It was very relaxed but professional.
There was lots of chatting with the audience but nothing pushy (oh how I dread to get picked out to be picked on by a comedian) and the show just flowed extremely well.
Considering this wasn’t 100% polished yet, there wasn’t a bad joke in sight and I was kept laughing for 99% of the show (hey I had to breathe sometime right?) and I actually thought the guy just down from me wasn’t going to stop laughing.

One thing I really do love about Alan is he’s common and working glass, so although some jokes are totally meant to spread across the board, he does have a good grasp on real people’s lives and a lot of his comedy is inspired by that.

The show was fantastic, even though I could appreciate it wasn’t all put together at that point the talent is so obviously there for making people laugh. Alan is just that little gay man with pretty awful teeth, slightly balding that you can’t help but love.

I’d definitely see him again live, indeed I would be going to the actual tour if I had the spare money right now. Next time though for definite. I highly recommend that if you haven’t seen him live yet, that you do so!

If you haven’t seen or heard of him at all before, here’s the link to Channel 4’s Chatty Man, which Alan presents:

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