Future Plan: 50 Book Challenge

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There is a challenge called the 50 book challenge, which a lot of bloggers who are also avid readers are attempting. The idea comes from the statement that children should be reading at least 50 books a year, but many have taken on this challenge to read 50 books in a year – in their much busier adult life.
Having seen my friend Lotte do this (well actually this is her second attempt at it now – life happens!), I’ve had an interest in it for a while and I know some of you guys read too, so I figured before I just go ahead with it – why not see if you guys want to do it with me.

I’m not suggesting we read the same books or anything like that, you can read what ever you like but with a challenge like this it’s important to stay on track with it – so I think it might be easier if I do it with someone else, so we can keep an eye on each other. What do you say?
I’m not thinking of starting this challenge until December at the earliest, but most probably January 1st 2012 just so we can keep track of the weeks properly.
I will probably attempt to review each book I read so there’ll be plenty of those around.
There are 52 weeks in the year, so I figure if I (or we) go for a book a week and I’ll have 2 weeks should anything run over. I’m going to get some shorter books in there for those weeks when my life is quite busy, so I’ll still read a book but it won’t take up so much time.

So is anyone up for it?

P.S. I’ll be sure to post up some tips about buying shorter or easier to get through books for those busy weeks, and also if you’ve not got a lot of cash available for books – I’ll have lots of tips for that too!

One thought on “Future Plan: 50 Book Challenge

  1. Totally interested but I know I’d fail miserably. As long as I’m in uni I won’t get a chance to read that many books. I could probably start this in August at the earliest: after that I am not enrolled in any courses. Just doing an internship & writing my thesis. I hope to have done some work for that before I start those though.

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