Fish Pedicure / Fish Foot Spa

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now and Wednesday afternoon after some shopping for essentials (haul soon!), my friend and I decided to get one.
There are a fair few places in my town offering this treatment – all for roughly the same price, but we opted for Tootsies as it’s a larger company and looks the most inviting.
At our local one it’s £5 for 10 minutes or £10 for 20 minutes, so we opted for a 20 minute treatment – but got treated to 30 minutes because there was no-one else in the place then (late afternoon 4pm). So the prices on the website may vary slightly depending on region.

Fish Foot Pedicure
Fish Pedicure

This is the first time I’ve had a fish pedicure, but to be honest I wasn’t nervous at all – though I can understand why some people are.
There’s a little preparation before you put your feet into those unsuspecting fish – wash your feet! No toe glue, sock fluff or sweat please! So this takes a few minutes, but doesn’t effect your time with the fish.
Then I was told to slowly put my feet in so as to not startle the fish – and well that’s all there is to it, no more work to do – just sit back and let the fish eat your feet!

Okay, not all of your feet, just the dead skin. There’s so many claims about the Doctorfish about how it can cure Eczema and links to reflexology (which I don’t believe in) which there is no evidence for – so certainly don’t go if your expecting miracles! However what these fish do – is live on a diet of dead skin cells, and so they will come and get those off your feet to eat.
I know, sounds disgusting and sounds like it hurts – but it’s neither really. The fish actually don’t have any teeth like we would recognise – they actually use more of a sucking action – which you’ll feel more with the bigger fish. That is all you’ll feel which is very light (they’re only small fish after all!) and it also feels like small vibrations.
The fish are really gentle – it does feel a bit strange at first – a bit ticklish maybe but you soon get used to it and settle into it, letting the fish do the work.
Once your time is up, you’ll have a towel handy (provided) to dry your feet on and if you wish some foot lotion to rub into your newly pedicured feet.
I did the foot lotion thing – it doesn’t cost any extra, but generally isn’t anything special – you can keep this part up at home with a drug store brand.

So did it work?
Hell yes! I do a lot of walking around so my feet get tired, not to mention I’m still on anti-biotics for this infection so my feet were less than their best. They were so soft and smooth when I came out, I couldn’t quite believe the difference.
I live in my walking boots most of the time because they are so comfy – I was wearing these at the time, and afterwards they were even more comfy – which I didn’t think was possible, it was like I had a nice cushion of air to walk on.

I’d definitely do it again, and I’d recommend it to others too. It’s become quite popular here in the UK but I don’t know about other countries but if you can find one (that’s not ridiculously expensive) then you should definitely give it ago. Even if it turns out it’s not for you, it’s an experience to be had in life.

*Please note there are some health limitations so you will be asked to fill in a form before you feed you feet to the fish, these include things like diabetes (some do cater for this), verrucas, open wounds and cuts to feet and other skin related issues. So please check the company you go with for a full list of the limitations (there aren’t many but you may be effected).

Have you ever had a fish pedicure? Did you like it? Have you tried something new/different recently?

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