Mixed Haul – Part 1: Make Up (Rimmel, GOSH, Maybelline) & Beauty (Radox, Nivea)

I have done a little shopping during September – but not too much, mostly essentials and a few treats for myself – some of which came out of the money I got for my birthday and all the books were really cheap. Money seems to go no-where these days for me, but after paying my bills and buying my essentials I still try to treat myself a little bit.
So I didn’t buy these all in one day, it’s pretty spread out over September (well what’s already gone of it) and it’s quite a mixed bunch. I’ll probably do some reviews of some of these in maybe a week or so, when I’ve used them enough to put them through their paces. Also as you can see, I’ve had to split these up into different parts as the entries are quite long (there’s 3 parts in total) So here we go…

Maybelline, Beauty UK, Collection 2000, GOSH, Rimmel
Maybelline, Beauty UK, Collection 2000, GOSH, Rimmel

Top Row: Left to Right

  • BeautyUK – Glam Nails in shade No.57 – Cotton Candy. As you an see this isn’t your normal cotton candy colour, it has a lilac tint to it and it just looked different than the other shades of pink I have, so thought I’d get that.
  • GOSH – Nail Lacquer in shade No. 597 – Miss Minty. I’m actually wearing this right now! GOSH is something I’ve heard mixed reviews about but decided a nail polish would be a nice place to start. I do love the colour but I don’t think I’ll be wearing it too often, just when I have more confidence as it does stand out!
  • Collection 2000 – Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Polish in shade 50 – All That Jazz. I’ve wanted a grey colour for a while, but they all look so dull, so I ended up with a metallic instead. Just one just grabbed me. Not sure if it dries fast like it says as I haven’t tried it out properly yet so we’ll see.
  • Maybelline – Dream Touch Blush in shade 07 – Plum. I swatched this a few weeks ago but wasn’t sure about it, but when I went out this week there was a 3 for 2 offer on all make up, so I figured I’d get this as part of that. I’ve tried it a few times and so far so good. Look out for a review on this one.

Bottom Row:

  • Rimmel – Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner – Black. This is actually a repurchase, mine hasn’t run out quite yet but it’s getting there now. Works really well and I think maybe I’ll do a proper review soon since I’ve used it for over a year now.
Radox, Wilko, Nivea
Radox, Wilko, Nivea

Top Row: Left To Right

  • Radox – Bath Therapy (Bubble Bath) – Oriential Lotus Flower and Orange Blossom. Yes, I have gone on a bubble bath kick. This one was on sale and it smells fresh but delicate. Most of the Radox smells I’m not a huge fan of, they have a lot of strong smells that well, I just don’t like that much but there are a few I like. This is one of them. Unfortunately this one is limited edition so I won’t be enjoying it often it seems.
  • Radox – Bath Therapy (Bubble Bath) – Rosemary and Eucalyptus. This one is supposed to relieve stress and a good alternative to Lavender . I have needed some stress relief! This smells so clean, and I love clean smells (but not any smell that’s associated with bleach and other cleaning products!). As you can see I’ve used most of this up now. Eucalyptus is something I love the smell of but have to be careful of as it can be quite strong and irritate my sinuses, but as long as I didn’t use a lot, this was fine for me.
  • Wilko (store brand) – Bubble Bath – Vanilla and Honey. I’m not a fan of vanilla scents at all. They’re just way to sickly and I always avoid them but this one, with the honey smells so good. It is sweet, but it’s one of those where you just want to eat it. Gotta try it I thought!
  • Wilko (store brand) Bubble Bath – Berries. I’m a total sucker for berry scents so this was a must have. It’s cranberry, raspberry and strawberry. I got this and the one above on offer, they were 2 for £1.50.

Bottom Row: Left To Right

  • Nivea – Cleansing Wipes for Dry and Sensitive Skin. Cleansing wipes are so easy to use but I can never find the right ones for my skin – too dry, too soapy, too scented and that’s without what they do to my skin. So after getting good results with their day cream tinted moisturiser, I decided to try these – plus – you guessed it – on sale! They’re normally around £2.50 but these were just 80p (£0.80). Review for these coming soon too!
  • Nivea – SOS Lip Treatment. I was looking into getting some Rosebud Balm which Maaike had recommended to me, but it’s £8 and I’d have to order it online from House of Fraiser, so I figured I’d try this first since it will be a while before I can justify myself that £8. I’ll let you know how this goes, only tried it twice so far so not much to say about it just yet!

Would you try anything I brought? Which is you favourite?

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