Catch Up

That was one impromptu break from blogging, so for this blog I’m going to play catch up a little bit and just update you all on what’s being happening, why the break, etc.

These past couple of weeks have been rather difficult. By now, you all know I suffer from depression but usually I cope with it pretty well. However these past few weeks it’s taken a dive – not badly but I’ve been really upset very easily, which has really drained me of energy and motivation.
After a trip to the doctors, I’m getting testing for an inactive thyroid which unbeknown to me can cause depression – so I have to get the dreaded blood test for it.
I. hate. injections. and. needles.
I’m not looking forward to it, with my body’s messed up reactions I know I’ll have one of my episodes and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure about all this inactive thyroid business – because if I do have it, I’ll be on tablets for the rest of my life for it – but with it treated my depression could be much better. But if I don’t have it, then what the hell is going on with my depression?
Either way, I’ve also been referred for CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) – which,  may I point out I asked for two years ago and they refused to give it to me. If you don’t know what CBT is, it basically helps you change the way you think and thus – cope better. Well in those two years I’ve learnt to cope pretty damn well on my own and I’ll be severely pissed off if they suggest a bunch of breathing exercises. Just sayin’.

But it hasn’t all been bad, I’ve had some very very happy days too – but I’ve been busy basking in their glory, as you do!

I never finished my 3 part haul, so I dunno – do you guys want to see the rest or should I leave it now?

3 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Sweety, CBT is not just a couple of breathing exercises, don’t worry 😉 I’ve had stuff about it at school and with the knowledge I have (it’s not as much as a psychologist :P) I think it might help you! *hug*

  2. Hey hun, I hope whatever is going on that’s making you depressed gets worked out however it needs to be. I hate injections & needles, too (because I had to get so many IVs when I was younger; the allergy shots weren’t so bad though). But if you need them, you need them.

    And yes, you should do your part 3 haul! I’ll read the other two parts now… 🙂

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