Future Plans – Chunk, New Found Glory and Brandon Sanderson

I know I haven’t blogged for a few weeks, but I have recuperated massively – the only problem being I have a load of ideas but they’re just not coming out properly yet, so bare with me for a bit longer.

I have however made some plans for the next few months, so a few shows and things – which I’m now looking forward to a lot more now I feel better.

First up, is actually a week from today on the 25th October – I’ll be going to one of  The Artery Foundation shows – The Artery Foundation are just a management company and this seems one of their ways to get their artists noticed more. However we (boyfriend and I), are only really going to see Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! because a.) not really interested in the other bands playing and b.) boyfriend has to be up early for work the next day.
Chunk are quite a new band to me – so I have no back story with them, or nothing really interesting to say at this particular moment, but no doubt I will soon enough. Once their music has set in my mind and I’ve been to this gig, who knows a review maybe on it’s way.

Secondly, and I just had to doubt check the date for this – is a Brandon Sanderson book signing on the 22nd November. You may remember me raving about The Final Empire in a review and for the first time Brandon is signing in the UK, so I have to go. What’s more this means I can turn my friend John into a screaming school girl fanboy and get a book signed for him too.

And then to kick start the new year – New Found Glory on 15th February. It’s been a long ass time since I listened to any NFG, I very barely remember their self-entitled album and Sticks and Stones. Looks like I need to brush up! I do however have their new album – no full blown conclusion yet but it’s pretty good so far.

And I think I’ll leave you with a track from New Found Glory’s new album, this is “Radiosurgery”.


What plans do you have?

4 thoughts on “Future Plans – Chunk, New Found Glory and Brandon Sanderson

  1. you like NFG? Didn’t know that! I haven’t heard much of their music, but I’m always hearing about what they’re doing because I follow Chad Gilbert’s girlfriend’s Tumblr (a.k.a. Hayley Williams from Paramore, which is one of my top 3 favorite bands/group, right there with U2 & Backstreet). She tweets about him & his band every so often…

  2. Got another concert coming up on November 14th. I’ll be seeing Elbow with my mom. As well as a chunk load of other stuff:
    – Sunday = cooking for friends
    – Tuesday = shopping with my mom
    – Thursday = Primark with friends
    – Saturday = winetasting at friends of friends
    – Sunday = my friends’ baby boy’s 1st b-day
    – October 31st = first class of new uni course
    – November 9th = pop music quiz
    – November 12th = open day at work which I’m helping to organize/ it’s my responsibility.

    Darn… and I haven’t even gotten to December yet… meh

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