Update On Me

Wow, I haven’t written anything in over a month now. I didn’t realise it had been that long. The usual applies though life, busy, tired, stress – all contributing to a less creative state of mind. Still nevermind!

I really want to have a good rant here, but I won’t because you know what the internet is like what with companies, bosses and employers all looking for another little person to squash – but I had a job, a good job (ok, it paid min. wage but still), I thought I was getting on well with everyone and I actually rather liked the job (not my dream job, but a nice place to work). I was wrong and they let me go Saturday, with some crap excuses for doing so. So that was short lived.

And Christmas, well I’m almost done getting presents but how much do things cost this year?! Wow, money is not going very far!

Yes, I will be doing the 50 book challenge, for anyone wanting to know. I think Maaike is going to join me as well. Anyone else, just leave a comment below.

and yes I’m still alive!

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