Wisdom Tooth Trouble (Pain Management Advice)

Wisdom Tooth Pain
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Oh yay, woot and other sarcastic onomatopoeic words of that nature. Aren’t wisdom teeth just great? No.

The picture here on the left is pretty much me last night, accept I was in bed. Painkillers were not working and I was in so much pain (and with swollen cheek and tongue), I actually woke up my mum and called NHS Direct for some advice.

I’ve long been pretty lucky with my wisdom teeth, I do get that dull ache/throb now and again that you do get when a new tooth is pushing it’s way through but I’ve rarely had any pain, and certainly not the amount of pain I was in last night. I suppose partly because I have already had work done as a teenager, I had some teeth removed because my mouth was slightly over crowded and my dentist also made sure there was room for my wisdom teeth to make an appearance.

Luckily today the pain has done down to that dull throb, however I do have to make an emergency dentist appointment to find out exactly what’s happening. This particular wisdom tooth has one very sharp edge, which did cause me some problems a few weeks back as it made my cheeky sore and I got an infection, but I’ve not had any of that since. So I’m unsure whether it’s just coming through or if there’s a problem with it. I’m not really looking forward to finding out which it is.
Anyone had any of their wisdom teeth out yet? I’m hoping I can avoid that to be honest!

So with lots of advice from a dental nurse, I’m not making sure I manage the pain. Alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen to pain relief and combat swelling (ALWAYS read the label and advice sheet), cold compress on my cheek, some numbing mouth gel when needed (again ALWAYS read the label and advice sheet) and trying to sleep more propped up in bed.
Of course it’s feeling a lot better now, so I can actually sleep lying down (sooo glad about that, can’t sleep properly sitting up!) and no cold compress is needed.

But apparently tooth ache usually gets worse at night, so I might be in for a rough night again.

Anyone else suffered with their wisdom teeth? 

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