Christmas Favourites: Songs

It’s getting mighty close to Christmas now, and so it’s definitely time for some Christmas themed blogs. I love Christmas, it’s definitely my favourite holiday but I don’t feel like I’ve indulged myself in it as much this year, so I think I better start doing so!

Here’s my top 5 favourite Christmas songs to start us off feeling all festive.

1. Wizzards – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

I don’t actually wish it could be Christmas everyday, but I do love this song. It’s just so feel good and because I’ve grown up on this one, it really makes me feel Christmassy (which should definitely be an official word don’t you think?). And I love the wacky outfits in the video too!

2. Dean Martin – Walking In A Winter Wonderland

There is something about older Christmas songs, that have that peaceful element without being depressing. This is one of those.

3. Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas

I grew up on Queen, so this is also a staple in our house (or well when my brother is around cus he’s a Queen freak).

4.  Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody

This is probably on every Christmas album every released since it was recorded. You can’t avoid this one at Christmas.

5. Walking In The Air (for The Snowman soundtrack)

I watch The Snowman every year at Christmas, and I went through phase as a child where I watched it multiple times a day for about a year (older brother is only slightly traumatised from this). So this definitely has to go in there, even though you probably won’t hear it on the radio.


What are your favourite Christmas songs?


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